Quilt for Roger (December 2010)
[Made without pattern]
Advent Calendar (December 2010)
[Pockets mimicked after OhFransson.com. Tree, layout, and ornaments made without pattern]
Quilt for Richard's Son (Summer 2010)
[Made without pattern]
Kayak for Dad (Father's Day 2010)
[Built from clcboats.com kit, "Sea Island Sport"]
Ved's Quilt, front (Feb 2010)
[Later signed by members of EPS/BSL]
Ved's Quilt, back:
Bosnia, America, Harvard, Cal, Brown
Stuffed Seal and Ball for Brie and Emil's Baby (Jan 2010)
[Ball pattern from shishigirl.blogspot.com, seal made without pattern]
Quilt for Gilead's Baby (Nov 2009)
Between washing and drying, looks like stained glass!
Soldier Quilt, Shipped January 2009 (rock hammer for scale)
Stadium Cake (split by the Hayward Fault!)
Flower Clock, 2008
Monster's Sunday Drive
JackoLanterns by Tom and me, 2007
Farm Cookies
Rainbow Cookies
Cow Butterdish
Square Box
Dyed-Rim Bowl
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